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Welcome to Transonix

Transonix is a small company dedicated to designing and creating software that mimics environmental sound. We specialize in reproducing the atmosphere and ambience of nature. Our software can be used for enhancing concentration or relaxing. Try our software today!

Virtual Ambience 1.0

Our first piece of software "Virtual Ambience 1.0" is available for download. Get it from the downloads page or right here. This version of Virtual Ambience recreates the sounds of the forest. A great tool for relaxation, you'll think you actually standing in a forest.

Virtual Ambience 1.0

  • Up to 32 simulatenous nature sounds.
  • Background ambience noise with random volume controls.
  • Sound effects with random panning and volume controls.
  • Randomize button.
  • 6 pre-loaded scenarios.
  • Auto mode that controls the sounds settings with a changeable aggression level.
  • High quality realistic sounds.
  • Able to run from system tray.

Feedback or Comments

If you have any feedback or comments, or would like to link to my software, please contact me on my email address at:


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